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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week two of photography class...

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If I never spoke to anyone or even left the house except for this photography class, I would still have enough true stories to keep you laughing at...I mean with me for a long time.

I knew this weeks class was going to be great! I had my homework project completed. I knew where to park and where the building was. I knew to go to the basement instead of to the fifth floor. I wasn't going near the elevator.

I walked into the lobby and headed straight for the stairs. I was going to rock this class! Except, I walked right past the stairs and the security guard sitting in the lobby asked if I was lost. He pointed out the stairs and asked if I knew where I was going. I smiled very confidently and replied that I was going to the basement. He gave me a strange look and asked why.

Immediately, I mind went to the scary sounds that I had heard down there last Saturday and AngelLikeMe's comment on last weeks post about all the ghosts trying to talk to me. (Thanks a lot Angel!) I thought that maybe the security guard was going to warn me away. Maybe he was even one of the ghosts ~one of the good ones~ and I was the only person who could even see him. I was picturing a kind of romantic scene. You know, like something right out of Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Except this guy was no Patrick Swayze so it wasn't going to be that romantic.

The lobby was actually full of students and parents because auditions were being held on the second floor for admission into the arts program for the fall. I smiled, thinking that my Patrick Swayze/security guard/ghost dude must have thought I was a ballet dancer or something and let him know that I was there for the photography class.

He said that he didn't know anything about a photography class. I started looking around and silently cursing myself because I couldn't believe that I had actually walked into the wrong building. That's when the FAKE Patrick Swayze ghost showed his true side and proved that he wasn't a good ghost afterall. He was a bad ghost. A bad, bad, bad ghost! Actually, he probably wasn't even a ghost at all. He was probably just a mean man!---I will now start referring to him as Freddy Krueger!

Freddy Krueger actually had the nerve to say, "Why are you looking for a photography class. I mean, you're not a student here."

Freddy Krueger called me old!

I narrowed my eyes at him and wished that my cell phone wasn't in my bag cause no one would have blamed me for throwing it at him. He must have known that he was in trouble and tried to cover his butt by asking, "Are you the instructor?"

With my eyes still narrowed and shooting imaginary darts at him I replied, "It's a photography class in the basement in room 5007. It's a non credit class and I am not the oldest person in the room."

Freddy Krueger backed down then and said, "Ok, I'll write that down. No one told me about it."

I walked away without waiting to learn exactly what part of my statement he was planning to write down. I was going to the basement with the nice ghosts and I wasn't about to let Freddy Krueger stop me.

I wasn't in the basement long when another security guard came down the hall carrying a clipboard. She pointed to the door to room 5007 and asked if that was "the room". Apparently, even Freddy Krueger knows to call for back up after he calls a woman old! lol!

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  1. Oh, to spend a day with you! I would have so much fun.

    Thank you for the word art. I think my daughter is going to get this one.



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