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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where do I begin?!?

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Here's the quick summary of my day----My principal cleaned my bathroom and I'm afraid I may get sued.

Remember how I went to school Friday only to learn that my room hadn't been cleaned? Well, it wasn't cleaned Monday or today either.

On Monday, I was headed over to talk to my principal again, but was warned that he was in a bad mood so I changed my mind. I figured I would "mention" it if I ran into him. Any other day he would have popped into my room---but not Monday.

This morning, I was actually mad when I saw that my class still hadn't been cleaned so bad mood or not I was going to the office. My principal wasn't there. I was told that he would be in later in the day, so I decided to send him an email. I tired to be nice in my email and apologized for starting his day with a complaint. I explained how it had been four full days since anyone had cleaned my room, bathroom and carpet area. I said that it was gross and unfair and that I was upset and that he owed me big time.

It's ok that I said he owed me big time, cause he's used to hearing me say things like that. lol!

The man emailed me back right away saying that he had assumed it was taken care of when he didn't hear from me on Monday. My reply let him know that I decided not to tell him after being warned that he was in a bad mood. I left out how I was afraid that he may hand me a toilet bowl scrubber like he handed me the trash bag on Friday. lol!

When he got to school, my principal came right to my building and into my room and laughingly told me that I shouldn't listen to rumors. About 15 minutes later, he came into my room again wearing gloves and carrying a bucket of cleaning supplies. The man went into my bathroom and cleaned it for me.

When he was finished, I offered to move the kids off the carpet so he could vacuum but he said that I was pushing my luck and I decided to drop it. lol!

How much do you want to bet my room is clean when I get to school tomorrow?

Around 11:00 I learned that the teacher across the hall had to leave and they were going to put the para from my room into her class for the rest of the day. It's turned out that the teacher had to leave because her 16 month old had gotten into trouble at daycare for biting (again). He was actually suspended! She had to go pick him up and he's not allowed back for the rest of the week.

Now, other than that whole biting thing, he's really a good baby. He's not mean to the other kids. He shares and plays nicely. He just bites and he only bites the kids he likes.

This teacher is the one that I'm afraid will sue me, because after she left school it dawned on me that I may be part of the reason her baby bites people.

You see, this teacher is one of my friends---one of my Twilight loving friends. We've read the books and seen the movies. When the second movie came out, she was WAY pregnant with this kid. So, he was in the womb listening to the movie and to us talking about Team Edward.

I think the baby thinks he's a vampire and it's all because mommy went to the movies with us.
I just know she's going to sue.

Any and all donations to my legal fund will be accepted!


  1. omg!!! this is hilarious!!!! She went to the movies at her OWN risk!!! lol lol Thanks for the sentiment too!!!

  2. LOL....I read your whole tale. In the beginning, I was feeling really sorry for you and then by the end I was laughing. Hope your days get better this week. You have a special principle.

  3. You are too funny! I think you should give your principal a big kiss - but you are probably in enough trouble already! Have a great day - wish I had had a teacher like you (hope my grammar is o.k. - it was my best subject!)

    Thanks for freebies - very much appreciated.

  4. Thanks for sharing the great saying.

  5. Thanks for your word art and the laugh......


  6. Oh, thank you for the story! And what a great principal, a true pal.

  7. Very good saying for a graduation book this year!

  8. thank you for the sentiment and the laugh

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