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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Story of Me part 26

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Harmony ignored the knock on the door just like she had been doing all morning, but this time the door opened and someone entered the room. It was the lady from the hospital. The clipboard lady who said she and Harmony were going be friends.

“Hi. Do you remember me? We met at the hospital.” There was a smile on the ladys face, but it looked forced and Harmony didn’t respond. “My name’s Madelyn.”

The lady walked closer to where Harmony sat huddled in the floor and pulled out a chair. “I hear you’re having a bad morning.” She sat in the chair and placed her clipboard on the play table beside her. “I was hoping we could talk. You must have some questions and I’ll try to answer them if I can.”

Harmony looked up with the saddest green eyes Madelyn Wilson had ever seen. “They said bad things about Grandma Pat.”

“I know. I’m sorry you had to hear that. You loved your Grandma Pat didn’t you?” Madelyn asked hoping to engage the child in a converseation.

“I still love her and I want to see her. I don’t want to stay here any more.” Harmony cried.

“Well, I’m afraid you can’t see her now. She had to go away for awhile.”

“You‘re lying!” Harmony screamed. “She wouldn’t go away without me. She loves me and she would never leave me.”

“I know. She loves you very much, but you couldn’t go to the place she had to go. We can talk about it if you want to sit here beside me.” Madelyn motioned to the other chair at the play table and waited hopefully as she once again smiled at Harmony.

Harmony hesitated, trying to decide if she should trust this lady and her clipboard. She hadn’t said anything bad about Grandma Pat like the Harrisons had and she was smiling. She had promised that she would be Harmony’s friend and Harmony needed friends. Quietly the little girl stood and took a seat in the chair.

“I guess you’re kind of mad at the Harrisons, huh?”

“They said bad things about Grandma Pat.” Harmony kept her head down and spoke as she stared at her lap.

“Harmony, have you ever done something you weren’t supposed to do.”

“I didn’t stay in the yard like Grandma Pat told me to.” Tears began to flow freely from her eyes as she spoke.

“Ok, so one day you did something bad. Do you think that means you’re always going to be bad?”

“No, I’ll be good. I’ll be good forever. I promise. Just let me see Grandma Pat.” the little girl pleaded

“Well, a long time ago your Grandma Pat did something bad. She did something bad and then she decided to be good everyday just like you’ve decided to be good. She decided to be good and she was. She was very good for a long time. But there are people in another state who need to talk to her about the bad thing she did. They need to understand what made her do it.” Harmony continued to stare at her lap as she listened to the clipboard lady talk. “Can you understand that?”

“Will she come back for me after they talk to her?” Harmony asked hopefully.

“I don’t know, maybe she could come see you, but I don’t think that will happen for a long, long time.”

“Does she know where I am?”

“She knows you’re with the Harrisons and that made her happy. She knows you’ll be safe here.”

“Can I stay here?” Harmony asked hopefully. “Can I stay here so she’ll know where to find me?”

Madelyn smiled at the little girl. “The Harrisons would like that very much. They love you and they’re sorry about the things you heard them saying.”

“I told them I hated them.” Harmony looked back down toward her lap.

“They know you were just sad and didn’t mean it. I bet we could go out there and you could tell them you’re sorry and then we could eat some breakfast. What do you think?”

Harmony nodded her head then reached for Madelyn Wilson’s extended hand and followed her out of the bedroom.


  1. This is definitely the truth. You can choose to be happy or choose to be miserable!!! Thanks.

  2. Still enthralled!!! Word art beautiful and so true!
    Many thanks

  3. Thank you Ginger for the fabulous freebie. hugs Shirleyxx



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