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Monday, October 29, 2012

Is it weird...

Download word art here

Is it weird that I think I want one of those bright light pillows from the cheesy TV commercial?


  1. Haha! Yes, it is weird ;D But_you are not alone...
    Thank you for your WA; and for your wonderful stories! I look forward to them each day.

  2. Haha! Yes, it is weird ;D But_you're not alone :)
    Thank you for all the wonderful WA, and for all the delightful stories; I look forward to them each day.

  3. Nope not weird! I'm 48 and find all sorts of TV commercial stuff I would like to have. Ok maybe we're both just weird lol

  4. Thank you for the great word art. Thank you also for the link through to the bright light pillow so I know what you are talking about! That's the whole point of advertising isn't it - that people want things (usually that they don't need & wouldn't miss if they didn't have!!!).

  5. Just followed your link to have a look, Oooo I could certainly be tempted with one (or more) of those.Thanks for the great wordart.
    Lottie x

  6. I had to find out what a light bright pillow is. I think you might be just a tad bit weird! :D On the other hand, it does bring back memories. Thank you for another wonderful sentiment.



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