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Thursday, December 20, 2012


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You guys!!!!!  It's so exciting!!!!!

Sebastian was just out of surgery when we went to the hospital today with a total of 155 cards/packages and 4 stuffed animals that have arrived from all over the world.  He hadn't even gotten moved into a room yet, but we were still allowed to see him.

He was still very sleepy from the anesthesia, but woke up long enough to say, "Hey, Ms. Brown!"  before falling right back to sleep.

The surgery took about an hour and a half.  The surgeon said that the surgery went well and that his arm looked fine.

Sebastian was so out of it that it didn't seem right to take a picture, but I'll try to get one from his mom soon.  His arm was in a cast, but for the first time in his short little life his arm was bent at the elbow!  As sad as it was to see him lying there in the hospital bed, it was still a beautiful sight.  His arm was bent at the elbow!!!!!

Starting next week, the doctors want him to start flexing his arm to work on the range of motion.  Can you just imagine what that's going to be like for him ~ to bend and then straighten his arm for the first time ever?  Just thinking about it makes me tear up!


  1. Great news! Thanks for the updates!

  2. Thanks for the update on Sebastian. I'm so happy the surgery was a success. Take care and have a wonderful, gingerbread man FREE, Christmas.

    Lisa D.

  3. Thanks for the wordart and the update on Sebastian! Awesome that the surgeon is pleased with the surgery and wow! so much we take for granted!

  4. I am glad he is out..and wow on the cards!! Can't wait for the pic.

  5. ooohhh...thanks so much for the update!!!!! 155 cards...that's awesome!!!!!

  6. What wonderful news! both that his surgery went well and that you collected so many cards and best wishes for him!! I'm sure his family will enjoy christmas even more now that he's on his way to recovery!

  7. Thanks for the update Ginger. I've been away from the internet for a few days and had wondered how he got on with his surgery. Great news - particularly when I read this on Christmas Day (it is here anyway).

  8. Great news on Sebastian's surgery!



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