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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The cards have started arriving!

Download word art here

It's so exciting!  The first card arrived for Sebastian on Friday.  It came all the way from Mount Airy, Maryland.

So far we've received cards from:

Harold & Marydon in Mount Airy, MD
Rita in Rudolph WI
The Tucker-Wolek family in Glendale, AZ
Michael in Harrisonburg, VA
The MacKay family in San Juan Capistrano, CA
The Thiede Family in West Salem, OH
R. Miller in Visalia, CA
Shirley in Buffalo Mills, PA
Odalis in coral Springs, FL
Beate in Austria
The Lefebure Family in Canada
Cyn in Scottsdale, AZ
Carmen in Collinsville, Il
Judy in New Zealand
Annette in Lakewood, CA
Linda in Pompano Beach, FL
Mari in Boardman, OH
Laura in Alhambra, IL
Loly in Huntsville, AL
Alice in San Jose, CA
Sherryn in New Zealand
Laura in Alhambra, IL
The Mehrberg Family in Cardiff-by the Sea, CA
Melissa in Aurora, CO
Dennis & Karen in El Sombrante, CA
Miss Goldberg's Third Grade Class in North Miami Beach, FL
David & Patti in Midland, TX
Tim & Jessica in Clarence Center, NY
Shawn & Buffy in Williamson, GA
Miss Pearson's 9th grade Honors Science students at Fort Pierce Central High School, Fort Pierce, FL
Mrs. Papir's Kindergarten class  in North Miami Beach, FL
The Hemans family in Wailuku, HI
The Fogans Family in Canada
Marlena in Grove City, PA
Thiem in Nevada City, CA
Loi in The Netherlands
Sherry in Minneapolis, MN
The Polomson Family in Simi Valley, CA
Caroline in Ottawa, ON
The Bertram Family in Cincinnati, OH
Maureen in Floral Park, NY
Crissy in Hollywood, FL
The Macke Family in Fayetteville, GA
Mrs. Pearson's Kindergarten Class in North Miami Beach, FL
Mrs. Coleman's First Grade Class in North Miami Beach, FL
Mrs. Schwartz Pre-K Class in North Miami Beach, FL
Jennifer & Travis in Collierville, TN
Jess in Hackettstown, NJ
Betty in Laredo, TX
The Schilling Family in Jeffersonville, IN
Suze in New Zealand
Charlene in Canada
Barb & Rosie in Canada
Lisa in Sudbury, ON

There are also cards from Australia, Centennial, CO, Buckley, WA, Pittsville, WI, White Lake, MI  and Maple Valley, WA

Now, I need all of you wonderful card makers to visit the awesome Amy Tsuruta at Tsuruta Designs!  She is hosting a card challenge in Sebastian's honor and there are some great prizes!  All you have to do is make a card, blog about it to help us spread the word about the card drive and link up to Amy's blog. Of course, we also need you to mail the card. lol!

Amy is just so amazingly talented and kind that it's unbelievable.

I don't want the card card makers out there to be left out, so my neighbor and I are hosting our own little challenge here. 

You see, store bought cards are welcomed too!  We understand that not everyone has the time or in my case ~ the talent to make a card. 

We're hoping that you'll help us spread the word about Sebastian's surgery and the card drive.  Make a blog post, send an email to your contacts, post it on face book or twitter or google+, share the information with your church group, your book club, your bowling league or post a sign in your front yard.  Then send me a link, copy, email or picture.

Please, if you post a sign in your front yard ~ send a picture cause that would be so cool!  lol!

While we were out running errands today my neighbor and I hit up Michael's to pick up some goodies we could give away.  Now, as I'm sure you know Michael's on a Saturday afternoon in December is no place for the fainthearted or easily bruised and I am easily bruised!  We had no idea what to buy since neither one of us are card makers or stampers, so we decided to just pick up some things that we thought were cute.  Forgive the horrible pictures we used her phone so that I could get this posted.

First there are these cute plastic stamps

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Some rubber stamps

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Maybe someone can explain the difference between the stamps to me.  I mean, other than the obvious wood, rubber and plastic thing.  lol!

And some glitter

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I picked out the glitter cause if I ever learn how to make cards, I am going to make cards with glitter. Lots and lots and LOTS of glitter! Glitter rocks!

I've also got two $10 gift certificates to Whimsy Stamps to give away.

These prizes are all courtesy of my neighbor and her husband ~ even though he doesn't know about it yet.  And...even though he doesn't know it yet, OCG is going to cover the cost of postage.  Don't worry we'll tell them sooner or later.  lol!

c/o Ms. Brown's Class
Greynolds Park Elementary School
1536 NE 179 Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33162


  1. Ginger I finished mine, creating a blogpost about it now (scheduled a bit later because of the translation *smile*) and I will send it to you tomorrow in the morning!

  2. :) I'm so thrilled to be a part of flooding Sebastian's room with joy! YOU are thee bestest Ginger!

  3. Mine is coming to you tomorrow! I posted it on my blog as well. I pray we got lots of cards!

  4. I'm going to add this to my sidebar too - Sebastian stole my heart :) What a kid!

  5. Making my card tomorrow for this sweet little boy! I made one the first time around and hope he enjoyed it! Posted on FB here:

  6. I am going to try to make a card but as I'm kind of a beginner, I may opt for a store bought one. Either way, I would love to help shower Sebastian with words of cheer!! Thank you for helping out with this campaign!! Here is my Facebook post:

  7. Sending my card out to you on Monday! Hoping you have a FLOOD of cards for Sebastian!!

  8. My card is going out on Monday!

  9. Yay wooh puuh it arrived :) I am so happy - thank you for the list update!
    have a great week

  10. I just learned about little Sebastian. I am sending him the card I just posted today, and I included links to yours and Amy's blogs so others can learn more about him, and hopefully send him a card. http://cards-by-the-sea.blogspot.com/2012/12/cloud9-december-blog-hop-and.html

  11. oh I am so glad that my card made it..

  12. Sweet! So glad you received my card all the way from Canada eh! ;)

  13. Sending out my card today!!!!
    Heres my link:

  14. mailed one today from Ohio! (:

  15. I have made and posted a card for Sebastian. Themed it for Christmas as I was so late posting it I knew it wouldn't arrive before his surgery (has to come from New Zealand). Here is the link to it:



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