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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Adventures of Lonely Girl

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OK, guys I'm making a special blog post now because I don't have to be anywhere for another hour or two and because I want to tell you about a friend of mine who is at work now won't know anything about this post until it's already out there in blog land.  lol!  (Hopefully, she'll still be my friend when she finds out!)

I'm not going to use her real name...yet.  For now we'll call her Lonely Girl because I want her to start a blog about her dating experiences and also because I have always been a closet Gossip Girl fan. (Don't judge me!)  In the series finale of Gossip Girl, Lonely Boy got what he wanted and married the love of his life and that's what I want for my friend. 

I want her to find the love of her life!  And...I want her to share the stories of all the toads she has to date on her way to the alter.  Trust me, her stories are good!  And by good I mean really, really bad...and funny.

A while back someone told Lonely Girl that she needs to branch out and be more open to different kinds of guys.  You know that whole, "If you continue to date the same kind of guys you'll always get the same results" lecture that we've all gotten at least once in our lives.  So, she decided to be a little more open about the guys she would talk to.  You know that whole, "You can't judge a book by it's cover" lecture we've all gotten.

As she was telling me about this and the first time she stepped outside of her comfort zone and agreed to a date with a guy she normally wouldn't have dated I came up with the blog idea....between fits of laughter!

We talked about how she could present it and what to call the blog and how there were plenty of other girls out there who are going on the same kind of wacko dates and how they could all bond and share stories and know that they weren't alone.  I even offered to be her wingman. 

I'm an awesome wingman!

Anyway, that was all a couple of months ago and she still hasn't started a blog.  She says that it's because she isn't good at writing.  I told her that she doesn't have to be, I mean, just look at me!  I don't let not being a good writer stop me from blogging!  I also told her to just tell the story as if we're all in front of her and she's talking to us instead of typing it out in a blog post.  She still said no.  I told her she didn't have to use her real name.  She said that she would just let me tell her stories.  (She's so going to regret that!)

My friend is in her early thirties, she's beautiful, intelligent and one of the most genuinely nice people I've ever met.  Someday, some lucky guy is going to snap her up, but until then, I don't understand why we can't all laugh at the losers...uummm...I mean...read about the gentlemen she meets.

If she starts her blog here's a little example of what we'll all be reading about....

First there's the guy who stood her up because he got arrested and was in jail.  She has no idea why he got arrested.  She's just glad he didn't ask her for bail money or ever call her again.

And....she didn't tell me about this one until last night....

When we were at the Medieval Festival in November one of the guys in costume asked for her number and she gave it to him!  They talked and texted everyday and even went out...until he dumped her three days before Christmas because he thought she was taking things too seriously and he has commitment problems.

Yes, my friend dated and got dumped by  a 41 year old unemployed, skirt wearing, commitment phobe guy who is really, REALLY into LARPing (live action role playing)  I just can't imagine why she didn't tell me about it! lol!

OMG!  OMG! OMG! That guy is probably in a photo or two I took that day!  Do you guys want to see him?  I'll have to see if I've got photos of him and use them to blackmail my friend --- Start a blog or I post the pictures!  lol!

Anyway, wouldn't you guys love to read about her dating adventures? 

Leave your comments here and we can really put the pressure on her to get that blog started!


  1. Tell her we all need that blog!!!!....maybe it will make our own ordeals that much easier to live with....and we can be her therapy lol

  2. Lonely girl DEFINITELY needs to blog!

  3. She definitely needs to start a blog - it will be cathartic for her too . . . getting it out there!! I actually had a similar thing happen - I was dating the guy and all of a sudden he disappears. No forwarding #, nothing. He turns up a year later and says he just got out of jail for beating up his daughter's drug dealer! ok . . . and my dog ate my homework too!!! Thanks for the wordart too Ginger!!

  4. Absolutely! I'm a single gal and have had my share of experiences... I'm a blogger! Maybe I should write about those experiences and then she won't feel alone! :) I'll gladly come and read all her stories... some might make me feel better about what I am dating... I mean whom I am dating... ;) lol ... and some of my stories would probably make her be glad she's not in Texas! ;) lol

  5. she so has to blog, not just so we can all travel together but it is just so good to share...... and make new friends....... and see other places from your armchair...... and what else is there to do when it is raining?

    do you have rain there? if not you can have some of mine.......

  6. Ema~I know what you mean about living in Texas. I am blessed to have married someone different 18 years ago but before that it was definitely slim pickin's!!! I could share a couple of funny stories as well even from high school.

    Thanks for the word art Ginger.

  7. Thanks for the word art. Tell her to start blogging, we could all use a good laugh. By the way, I can say I've never had that problem. I saw the my husband one day when I was 13 years old,{did not know him} went home and told my mother that I just saw the guy I'm going to marry. She asked who he was and I said I do not know his name....Three years later when I was sixteen we got married and celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2012.

    1. Finally... a gal who understands my pain! ;) lol

  8. Yep - I think she should start blogging too. I come here regularly as much (or more) for your stories as I do the word art. Sometimes, they're funny, sometimes they're sad and other times they're uplifting (particularly the stories about Sebastian which can be all three!). Hope he is still doing well and I must say seeing his arm bent was definitely one of the uplifting times.

    1. I completely agree with Suze... I look forward to each of your new posts... for the free wordart and to read what you've written... everyday I go back and read some of the old ones... I just don't comment on the old stories because I wouldn't want you to think I was stalking you... but now you know anyway... so maybe I'll start commenting. :) lol

  9. PLEASE START BLOGGING! we all have the OMG stories to share and blogging about them makes you realise how no matter where you live the smae rubbish happens.EE

  10. I agree, she really should start a blog. By writing about her experiences, she shares her trials with others and feels less alone in the world. Others have probably had the same experience. I would love to read and probably relive her dating excursions!! You are a good friend to listen to her:)



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