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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I need a vacation!

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I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing long weekend!  I did and now I want more!  I can't wait for June 7th to get here so that my vacation can begin!

I spent my long weekend doing wonderful things like eating way too much, napping, catching up on my favorite TV shows and shopping.

I bought a new comforter and pillows for the bed and some books.  Yes, I still buy books!  I download some onto my iPad, but I still need to actually hold books in my hand too.  I'm not sure if that's the teacher or the book lover in me. Lol

I was supposed to take care of some CT stuff and get my June word art uploaded and I had every intention of doing that.....Monday night...lol.  However, the old computer had other plans and wanted a longer vacation, so it decided not to start.  How rude, right?  I tried being nice to it and promised not to ignore it and assured it that I loved it every bit as much as I love the iPad....but it just wasn't buying what I was selling. Lol!

I want one of my friends to take a look at it for me as soon as he comes back from vacation tomorrow.  I've told everyone that I'll be waiting to greet him with the old, "Hi, how was your trip? Did you have fun? Can you fix my computer?"  greeting that I just know he's going to love.  Lol!

Hopefully, everything will get worked out and I can get the June word art uploaded on time.  If not bear with me...I'll make it up to you with extra ones later.


  1. Love this! It will be perfect wordart for the photos we took at Ben and Jerry's ice cream plant last year.

  2. I must laugh *great*!!!!
    Thank you for it :)

  3. I have never met Ben or Jerry. But, I pretty much have gotten intimate with every other one of their species. Thank you!!

  4. personally, I'm closer to Haag en dazs but I'm sure Ben and Jerry are nice too :-)) Thanks Ginger! Hope the computer gets sorted!!

  5. Thank u sooo much 4 all your wonderful sayings. Don't know how you think of them all. I love them all.
    Hugs from the Oregon Coast

  6. Thank you! What a great sentiment. Too funny! And too true!



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