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Friday, May 17, 2013

My first time...

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I know some of you read the title of this post and had your mind go right to the gutter!  Shame on you....and...call me later, we'll talk.  lol!

Right now, I'm talking about a totally different kind of first time. 

On Wednesday, for the very first time in my life I parallel parked my car.  That's right!  I am exactly one hundred, ninety eight thousand years old and I parallel parked for the first time ever. 

If you know anything Miami Beach, you're shaking your head in disbelief and wondering how I got to be one hundred, ninety eight thousand years old without ever parallel parking.  It's easy.....you drive around the block several times until you find a parking space or you find a place that has two parking spots open and slide into one from the other or you pay for a parking garage.

Well, on Wednesday, I was feeling brave....or stupid...or stupidly brave and decided to actually give parallel parking a chance.  It had nothing to do with the fact that the sooner I parked my car the sooner I could get to the cold beverage that was waiting for me.  It also had nothing to do with the fact that it was a pretty large parking space or the fact that there was no one around to point and laugh as I made my attempt.

OK, so it actually had everything to do with it being an oversized parking space and the fact that there was no one around to point and laugh!  lol!

I did it!  I did it on the first try!  I did it correctly!

I can't say that I'm eager to do it again, but I've done it once and I now have bragging rights!

The only bad part is that there was no one around to see me, so I have no witnesses and no one who knows me believes me.

You believe me though, right?


  1. LOL! Congrats! Thanks for sharing the wonderful word art.

  2. That is fantastic. You are a lot braver than me. You have earned the bragging rights to that. Thanks for the wonderful wordart.

  3. Good for you, I'm a little older than you and I've never pp. I even have a car now that does it for you, and haven't tried it yet. I knocked the post down when I was taking my test and the officer just said lets go.... By the way, thanks for all your wonderful word art....


  4. I believe you, I just want to know how you got through driver's ed without parallel parking. Trust me, you don't want anyone watching, just in case you mess it up. Congrats!



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