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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Help a teacher!

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Ok, guys, school has started and teachers everywhere are begging for supplies and spending more of their own money on their classes then they can afford.  You can help and it's simple, painless and fun!

Reddit Gifts for Teachers matches donors with teachers.  Teachers register with the site and say what supplies they need for their students and donors register to send a gift to one of the teachers.  Everyone posts pictures on the site, you feel better for helping, a teacher feels appreciated and the students get some much needed supplies.

There are photos posted on the site showing teachers and students with the gifts they received last year.  Check them out and look at the smiling faces!

The last time I checked there were over 1,700 people who had signed up to donate which is AMAZING!  Sadly, there were over 4,300 teachers who asked to receive supplies.  That adds up to a lot of disappointed kids!

Please, if you can, make a difference...sign up as a donor.

Here's the link...


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  1. I will definitely sign up to give a care package! There is also a site called Donors Choose where a lot of teachers request supplies. You can pick the project to give to, and give whatever amount you want. Money goes directly to the project you choose. It is sad that you as teachers have to 'beg' for supplies--you should have the tools to do your jobs. It's bad enough that you don't get paid enough...



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