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Friday, November 8, 2013

You can't make this stuff up.....

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I called to find out about that stupid $37 ticket I got Wednesday night.  It wasn't because there was no money in the meter and they knew my tags didn't expire until the 15th.  Get ready for this.....

See the frame around my tag?  That's the reason I got the ticket!

The lady I spoke to in the clerk's office clams they are illegal and have always been illegal.  I was just lucky enough to be spotted by a police officer who decided to enforce that law.


As I drove home from work today I counted all the cars I saw with some kind of frame around their tag.  Want to know how many I counted?  Well I'll tell you.....

I counted exactly three hundred and fifty GAZILLION!

Well, maybe my count is off by a little because I kept singing along with the songs on the radio and forgetting to count.  But, there were still LOTS of cars with LOTS of frames around their tags.

Don't even get me started on the two cars and truck I saw that didn't even have tags!

I've been told that if I take the frame off, take a picture to prove that it's gone and write a letter explaining what I've done that maybe.....just maybe I won't have to pay the $37.

I've already thought of several things to say in my letter, but sadly, those things will only raise the cost of the ticket. Lol!


  1. The guy that gave you the ticket ..... we call them 'jobsworth' here in England.
    Nothing better to do with their time!

  2. I got pulled over in Tennessee once for exactly the same reason! When I questioned the validity of the charge it earned me a complete car search! Best to keep the mouth closed!

  3. I got pulled over in Tennessee several years ago for the same reason. When I questioned the validity of the charge it earned me a full vehicle search with two state patrol cars, lights flashing... Best to keep the mouth closed!

  4. Oh my goodness - I had no idea! Loved your post today - too much fun!

  5. Information from a Florida cop in the 12th Judicial Circuit:
    As long as the tag number and expiration date are visible, a ticket is not written over on the FL west coast. Per F.S. statute 316.0605, all writing on the tag must be visible... It looks like a chicken s**t ticket as he would say...the cop must have been bored. The judges over here will dismiss any contested ticket... but $37 is cheap! Here, they are $116!!! (but if dismissed...$0 I guess). If you contest it and do lose, here it is a $89 court cost--maybe less over there where you are. But, it is the principle of the ticket--is that the best he could do???!!
    Good news, it is a non-moving infraction, no points, insurance won't find out about it...

  6. The worlds gone mad !!! Hope your weekend is a calm and chilled one.Thank you for the lovely word art x

  7. Ginger, I know exactly what you mean, I'd surely be in jail if I answered them.... I told my Dh that we must be kin, because we think so much alike... I've never known anyone that sounds just like me, not even my real sister... Good Luck with your letter to them.


    Wishing You Butterfly Mornings
    And Wildflower Afternoons........

  8. Oh Lord, apparently someone hadn't made their quota for the day.

    Thanks for the word art. I only have about 240 more to catch up and sadly that is not an exaggeration--more of an underestimation!

    Take care!
    Lisa D.

  9. OMG that is riduculous!!!! And I would be going off on the car dealer for the frame too! Sorry doll and I hope you get off of the ticket with the letter and picture!!! Thanks for the sentiment too!

  10. This happened to me many years ago and mine was not even as covered as yours...LOL At least, I was only given a verbal warning, no ticket to contest! I also told the officer that if it was illegal, why then did I see lots of those frames being sold at stores? He didn't give me an answer. I removed the frame ASAP and never used a frame since...



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