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Sunday, December 8, 2013

I am so boring!

Download word art here:  https://app.box.com/s/13dfidwhd3jx5oqmolu1
***Come back tomorrow for the "sister" version of this word art!***

Lately, I've been too busy and tired to have any fun adventures to tell you about.  Once the holidays are over I'll go out and accidentally do something that I can tell you all about. Until then, please forgive me for my boringness. Lol!


  1. Boring can be good and healthy for you!

  2. Boring is good. That means you're staying outta trouble! Hee! Seriously ... your wordart ... I loved my brother who was an admirable, wonderful, caring, kind, loving person. He unexpectedly passed away 8 yrs ago last March. I miss him everyday and I wish I would have him more often how much he meant to me. It's been tough w/o him.

  3. What you're calling "boring" time is actually just giving you some time to maybe sit, relax, unwind, and get rejuvenated in mind, spirit and body so you'll be ready and raring to go again when something more exciting comes along! Take advantage of it... stop and smell the roses, and all those other cliches........ p.s. thanks for this freebie :)



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