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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I wish

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I wish that the person or people who felt the need to rip all of the wishes off of the wishing fence
could understand how something that means so little to them can mean so much to someone else.

I wish they could feel the happiness that comes from reading a wish that most of us have made at least once in our lives.

I wish they could understand the courage it took for someone to wish for something that most of us already have and probably take for granted.

I wish that they never have to feel the loneliness of longing for something that makes you feel normal.

I wish that they never have to know the pain of longing for something that they once had and lost.


  1. Thank you for sharing those 'wishes'. Some of them are sad...IMO that would be the hardest part of being a teacher. Some say what their life is like. I would probably be broke all the time because I would want to buy the kids things... Sounds like you really like your job and for that, I say Thank you again for being a teacher Ginger :)

  2. I wish that all of those wishes would come true. and I wish that the person who took them all down could know some sort of joy and peace for just one brief moment, and then they wouldn't feel the need to destroy something so beautiful.

    thank you for all you do, every single day.

  3. What a wonderful sentiment! Thanks also for sharing the "wishes" -- bless their little hearts. I know you're making a big difference in their lives. Hugs to you sweet lady.

  4. I am sick and sad that someone(s) tore off the wishes. I am sure it saddened the heart of every child or person that put their wish there. I am sure it must feel to them like someone stole their wish and with it, the hope that maybe some time, some day it might come true. I hope one day the "thief" will realize what they did. Blessings Ginger, for all you do, from your heart, for so many. Thanks for the nice Wordart, too. Gabby :)

  5. OMG they took the wishes down?!?!? That just makes me *#*%$()%^()$%*$*%(^%...............You are a Fabulous teacher!!!! I wish all those wishes would come true!!!
    hugs, Heidi

  6. Puts things into perspective reading some of those wishes, it must break your heart knowing some of the reasons for the 'wish' and not be able to do anything about it. lovely word art, thank you x



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