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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shamrock Shakes

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On Sunday Orange Croc Guy decided to use my blender to make a fruit smoothie and proceeded to break my blender.  I didn't handle it very well!  In fact I screamed out....

What were you thinking?  You can't use it for healthy stuff!  It's only supposed to be used for alcoholic beverages and milkshakes!

He wasn't very concerned.

As it turns out I needed the blender for school on Monday.  It was St. Patrick's Day and we just HAD to make shamrock shakes! (Not the real ones with mint, but the vanilla ones with green food coloring).

I know I could have borrowed a blender for Monday, but I REALLY need my own blender because I like my alcoholic beverages and milkshakes.  That meant an early morning stop at the worst place on Earth.....Walmart.  UGH!

I found the shelf with the blenders were kept and it was pretty much empty.  There were only two blenders sitting on an otherwise empty shelf.  And those blenders...they were cheap!  Can someone please explain to me how there can be a run on blenders at Walmart and the only two left cost less than $20?

I bought the cheapest one of the two because the $19 one was red and that would have totally clashed with my kitchen stuff and no one wants a blender that clashes with their kitchen stuff.  Right?  So, I left Walmart with a $14 white blender.  Classy, right?

The thing is all plastic and so light it feels like a toy.  It's nothing like the glass bar blender that I had and loved and will never forgive OCG for killing.  He's so mean!

The Shamrock Shakes came out ok, so it wasn't a wasted $14, but you have to know that I'll be on the look out for a blender like the one I had. Lol!


  1. boy do I hear ya about the cheap blenders.... I feel like I am losing tequila to the cheap plastic. no way, siree! I want all of the tequila IN my drinks! grins! hope you can find one that suits. and thanks for all of your wonderful word art. you take such great care of us. :)

  2. Your word art is wonderful - and I REALLY enjoy the stories you share with us - you are such a kick. Thanks so much

  3. Men, amazing what we put up with, isn't it??? Love your story. And love this sentiment. So true!

  4. Hope you made yourself a alcoholic beverage Monday evening to help you recover from the stress lol. Thanks for the great word art.

  5. Fabulous story! Sorry he killed your blender!!! Can't believe he didn't go out an get you a new one!!!! The shamrock shakes sound yummy!!!!



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