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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Download word art here

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  1. First, I should tell you that I love your blog. Your phrases are awesome, especially for a scrapbooker like me, but your stories are the best! I rarely comment because I get your posts via email, and being a lazy lurker, I don't click the link to hop over to the actual blog post to comment as often as I should. That said, I realized today that I haven't received your feed in my Yahoo mail for at least a week or so. 4/19 was the last post I received via email. I thought you might have taken time off, and I initially dismissed it. Then I read another blogger who was having trouble with Feedburner and she found out it may be shutting down altogether. I was not receiving her blog posts via email either. She since switched to Feedblitz. Not sure if that is what might have happened with your posts, but thought I'd let you know there was a glitch of some sort. I pulled up your site and was surprised to see a bunch of posts I've missed out on. Now to figure out what other posts I've been missing!!! And here I thought I was miraculously keeping my inbox tidy! ;-) Good luck figuring out the issue... sorry to be the bearer of bad news... and double sorry if I'm like the 50th person to report the issue to you!



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