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Thursday, July 17, 2014


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So, I called the police today for an update on my car.  What a waste of time that was!  Here's what they know so far....

They actually got a response from the letter they mailed to the car owner.  The 60 something year old son of the 80 something year old owner called the police.  He lives somewhere on Miami Beach and has his mother's car.  He claims that he let someone borrow the car that day and when they returned it they didn't say anything about being in an accident.  He also claims to only know the fist name of the person he let borrow the car. No last name...no address...nothing!

If you believe that, I've got some swamp land I'd like to sell you!

The cops claim that the investigation is basically dead in the water.  There's nothing else they can do if the man won't give up the name.  Then even if he gives up the name, the witness has to be able to pick the guy out of a line up.  If the witness can't or won't pick the guy out of a line up, then once again there's nothing the police can do.

Keep in mind that I was/am very angry about this whole thing and the lack of concern on the part of the police.  Here are just some tidbits from my conversation with the non-investigation officer.

ME: Can't you make him tell you the name of the person driving the car?
HIM: How would we do that?
ME: Get a warrant!  Isn't he withholding evidence?

ME: So, you're telling me that if this was car or your wife's car or your mother's car that this is exactly how you would handle this investigation.
HIM: absolutely.  I have to go by the books

At this point my ears may have actually started to bleed because it seems like every night that is another story about a corrupt Miami Beach Police Officer on the news.

ME: Well, if he lives on the beach then can't you tow the car?
HIM: Why would we do that?
ME: It was involved in a hit and run!  Tow it and he'll tell you who was driving it.
HIM: That would be illegal.  If we were actively looking for the car it could be towed, but he called me.

I lost count of how many times the cop on the phone said, "You just want him to go to jail....You just want him to go to jail...insurance will pay to fix your car...you just want him to go to jail.."

 I got a little angry at one point and said, "I don't care if he goes to jail.  I want the money that I'm having to pay out because I was the unlucky person who happened to be parked in that spot at that time."

Then I changed my mind and said, "I take that back.  I do care if he goes to jail because if he's willing to do this what else is he out there doing?"

I didn't get a response to that question, but I'm probably going to get a parking ticket a day for the rest of my life.

The cop told me I would probably have to go after the car owner in a civil case to recoup my money.

How sad is that?  I'm probably going to have to sue an 80 year old woman because her 60 year old son won't step up and tell the truth.


  1. (((hugs))) It sounds like you're having a time of this with the police. I wish I could go over there and make it better but I cannot so sending you a sincere hug in hopes it will make you feel better. XX


  2. The 60 something yo already admitted to police that it was his car, so give the insurance company your case number and they should be able to get the info from the police depart. as to his name, address, etc. Insurance will pay for your car and insurance will go after the original owner for repayment (no matter what age). The only thing you would have to sue for is your deductible, but you already won, he admitted it was their car, it doesn't matter who was driving. The importance of the driver is only to the 60 yo because insurance is getting it from him and he would go after the "driver" - but we all know he was the driver anyway. The police dept should even be able to give you his information as if he hit your car and stayed - you would exchange info. Hope this has helped. YOU WON! HE ADMITTED IT WAS HIS CAR - FOLLOW THROUGH, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  3. I totally agree with Sandy E Ginger!!!! Follow thru!!! Make their insurance pay for this not yours!!!!!!!! He admitted it was their car!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!
    have a Wonderful weekend !!! Hugs, Heidi

  4. I agree with the others - GO FOR IT! You could also threaten to have all your blog friends show up at the police station for a "sit in" until you get satisfaction.....if that doesn't work - there's always cousin Vinny. Hugs sweetie

  5. Yes, it doesn't matter who was driving, the other insurance is responsible for payment. Our daughter was rear-ended by a drunk driver. The owner's insurance tried the 'She didn't have permission to drive' card but failed to get out of the bills. He has already admitted he gave someone permission. Bills go to his insurance.

    Thank you for the word art. This is perfect for our oldest granddaughter. We've always called her our Christmas miracle. We weren't sure if she would survive or not. She is now 5 1/2 and too smart for her own good! :)



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