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Saturday, October 25, 2014

No more bully!

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According to Sebastian's mom the kid who was making fun of him has apologized.  The kid even offered to help Sebastian carry his books.

I'm guessing someone had a nice long heart to heart with the kid and I am so glad his heart was open enough to hear their words.

So, Sebastian has survived his first bully.  I hate that he had to go through it, because I can't help but feel like some of his innocence was lost. 

However, he survived and he will be a little stronger when the next bully shows up.


  1. It sure would be nice if there were no bullying! So glad he received an apology. Thank you for the word art.

  2. That is wonderful! My cousin was picked on by a bully when he was little. Everyone was afraid of this boy. even the teachers. My cousin finally had enough and fought back. The bully lost. After that he became my cousin's best friend for life. It turned out the boy was actually looking for a friend. He was very lonely and afraid. Life changed that day for the whole school. Maybe this boy needed a friend too. Edwina Brown

  3. I'm so glad the bully was taken care of, so to speak. I was tormented by a bully... mind you in high school... I imagine at a younger age it's even worse! Glad to hear Sebastian weathered the storm. xx



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