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Thursday, November 6, 2014

We're all doomed!!!!!

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Four more years of Rick Scott AND the medical marijuana bill didn't pass.

How is a poor teacher supposed to survive?

Seriously, Rick Scott hates teachers!

Can any of you recommend a state with an education friendly governor, cause I think it may be time to move.


  1. Live in the State of Alabama where the governor is a preacher put in by the Bible toting Christians - I firmly believe ALL religion should be separate from government.

  2. LOL that's how I felt! I'd say move up to Maryland, but we managed to vote in a Republican governor too (he's no Rick Scott though LOL!) I hope the medical marijuana bill passes there soon; it managed to pass in Arizona, and I know so many people who have benefited (we're still in the process of getting it in MD). Thanks for all the great WordArt and especially the smile your posts always give me! We'll survive! Best, CG

  3. I feel the same way! I wouldn't recommend Illinois. Raunchier is wanting to cut the teachers we do have and we don't have enough good one's as it is but our taxes keep going up, that they say is needed for the schools. Education is so important and they can't comprehend that :(
    We are thinking about moving to Canada-LOL
    Thank you again Ginger for the word art, funny stories and the gorgeous pictures :)



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