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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Surprises are the best!

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I came home from school Friday so glad it was the weekend  and just a little closer to Christmas vacation I couldn't see straight.  Luckily, I as able to see the package FedEx left for me though. LOL!

I had a gift from my Redditgifts Secret Santa aitin for me.  Check it out...it's a camera lens mug...

I love it!

Then on Saturday morning the mailman knocked on my door with a second box from my Secret Santa...

A book and some chocolate!

My Secret Santa covered my love of photography, reading, zombies and chocolate!  


So, now, I'm feeling pretty good and starting to forget about the horrible week I had and I checked my email.  I didn't think it was possible, but my weekend got instantly better!

I had a message from blog reader Christine saying that she had sent me a surprise through paypal and wanted me to treat myself to some flowers.  

Isn't that the sweetest?!?!?!

Christine, you are the absolute best!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I know these last couple of weeks before Christmas are going to be hectic, so I'm saving the flowers for when I need another pick me up.  I promise I'll post a picture when I buy them.

I've got the best blog readers in all of blogland!

Love you guys!



  1. The mug is waaaay cool! So neat that your secret Santa covered all the bases. It is soooo great to receive gifts from someone who has actually thought it through and bought something that coincides with your interests. Here's to a good week ahead! :D

  2. How neat! Hope this week goes well! Thankyou for the word art!



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