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Monday, February 23, 2015

I Am The WalkingDead

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So you guys know that I think The Walking Dead is the best show in the history of forever, right? I mean tonight while the rest of the world was waiting to watch The Oscars I was watching the rerun of last weeks Walking Dead episode and waiting for the new one to begin.

This latest season is breaking my heart!  They're all just so beaten down and weak.  When Daryl Dixon cries --- I cry!

Last week, Rick told an awesome story about a talk he had with his grandfather when he was a kid.  His grandfather talked about fighting in the war...

...He said he was dead the minute he stepped into enemy territory. Every day he woke up, he told himself, 'Rest in peace. Now get up and go to war!' And then after a few years of pretending he was dead, he made it out alive. And that's the trick of it, I think. We do what we need to do, and then we get to live...

For anyone who doesn't or hasn't read the comics, this is the first time you learn that the zombies aren't the walking dead.  The survivors are.

While I rewatched this episode tonight I realized how much Rick's story applies to my life right now.  I not in a war, but I am fighting a battle, but between a principal who has gone off the deep end and believes we now must treat kindergarten students like doctoral candidates and some life changing personal issues I'm dealing with.....I am the walking dead.

It's OK though, because like Rick said.....I'll do what I need to do and then I'll get to live.....and maybe do an art project or two, because I don't care how many you do in preschool, kindergarten students still need and deserve to do them too. ~No matter what my principal says


  1. Wow! I so needed to read this. I actually saw a glimpse of this on my phone while looking at my Blogger feeder update and jumped out of the bed when I read you were also a 'Walking Dead' fan. I've not read the comic books but have seriously considered it... seriously... Darryl's tears moved me as well and I so felt the depth of their despair. Like you, I've been 'Walking Dead' for the past couple of years. Following oncologists orders and taking an oral chemo medication that was sucking the living out of me. I made the decision to stop taking this medication back in September and although, I may not be living the life I once lived... before the leukemia... I was a social butterfly and Lubbock's hottest single ticket! ha! I am living the life I can live for now and it's more living than I was doing when I was taking the medication. Who knew Rick's words were so deep! And thank you for pointing them out cause I heard them, but they did not move me as your interpretation did. I cannot wait to share this with my sister! She's the only other WD fan I know and speak to about the show. My son is a WD kinda fan. He's watched some of the shows but doesn't live for Sunday nights. We could have been sitting side by side last night! I too did not follow the Oscar hype. I ate dinner, grabbed a blanket and my two Chis and curled up to watch last week's episode waiting anxiously for the new episode. Ha! We're two wild partying gals! Two peas in a pod! lol xx



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