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Friday, February 6, 2015

Someone save me!

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So, I woke up on Thursday morning and learned that I had only won $8.  That's not even close to the $317 million that I was hoping to win.

Thanks a lot, stupid green candle!

$8 is more than enough to cover the cost of the ticket I bought, but doesn't cover the cost of that stupid green candle. 

I've still got the receipt for the candle.  I wonder if I can take it back to the store and tell them it's broken because I'm still poor and have to go to work everyday.  Do you think they'll give me my money back?  Do you think they'll give me my money back without trying to send me to the looney bin?

Anyway, my day was pretty much downhill from the start.  No money, lots of rain, a class that is very challenging and a boss that gets on my nerves a little more everyday.

Seriously, is it summer yet?

Oh, and I'm also sorry about the mistake on yesterday's word art.  I'll try to get it redone and posted over the weekend.  No promises though, cause I may run away...


  1. Well--at least it covered the ticket price--better than we do--lol! Thank you!

  2. Oh my gosh! I have found your blog via someone else who had used one of your sentiments...I have been reading all your postings and have got to say I have laughed and smiled with you.
    Your style of writing has really made my day and I will stop by as often as I can now, trust me lol
    I'm in the UK and am totally addicted The Walking Dead too and yes, I too have a small crush on Daryl in a really weird kinda way...if there was an apocalypse of any kind I think I need a Daryl there coz I'd be totally useless. I don't think my need to facilitate and counsel everyone will be much help, neither will be years of treating those with substance misuse! In fact I may have to start giving out the alcohol and drugs in a way to cope haha
    Please keep writing x
    Sandie xx



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