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Friday, March 6, 2015

Some days.....

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So, my day started with a little girl standing in the doorway of my class holding a very wet book bag and saying.....

"My sister peed on my book bag."

It's along story and trust me ~ you don't want to hear it!

I sent her home with a new book bag, new folders, new pencils, new crayons and I even threw in some paper.

I picked my class up from lunch only to have my students upset about some of the things one certain kid was saying. He was using some pretty bad words!  The kid who was on the receiving end of the words was very upset and it led to a very interesting conversation.....

Him: He said to me, 'You MFing a-hole.  I'll come to you house, you beach.'

Now, I was pretty shocked that this boy had just walked into my class and said this so I probably didn't react the correct way.....

Me: He called you a beach?  Like...we go to the beach and swim?

Him: No, what he said rhymed with beach.

Again, I was shocked!  I mean the kid had no problem repeating the first two words, but drew the line at repeating the last one.  My main thought.....

I really need to review rhyming words with this kid!

I had someone who speaks Spanish call the parents of the kid who said all the bad words...

The good news is your child has really picked up the English language, but the bad news is that these aren't the words we want him to pick up.

My day ended with the kids complaining about a certain, very strong and undeniable odor in the room that led to one boy loudly announcing....

I didn't have an accident!  I just don't know how to wipe my butt!

Don't you wish you were a kindergarten teacher?


  1. I'm so glad I'm not a teacher! This makes me think that all children should be homeschooled instead.... thanks for what you do every day and for the freebie :)

  2. Wow! Thank you for the word art.

  3. Oh! I miss those days! Hang in there! lol

  4. OH NO WAY!

    I love how you can make me laugh out loud.

  5. last year camping, my 5 yr old neighbor mom look at him and said, "look at all those mosquito bites. His response was, " I don't have Malaria, Mom."

  6. Love your blog. It makes me laugh and smile at the same time.

  7. Perfect for my hubby. Thanks so much



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