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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Express Lines at the grocery store

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I know that some of you live in areas where they have Kroger grocery  stores and I have to ask if you like them.  We don't have those stores around here.  Florida is home to Publix grocery stores.

When we were in Tennessee, we ducked into a Krogers to pick up some water and snacks for our hotel room.  It was a big beautiful store and everyone was soooooo friendly.  When we went to check out the signs at the express lines said..."about 15 items".

I laughed so hard!  You know that you are no longer in Miami when people are that laid back about their express lines.  I mean someone in front of you might have 20 items, but you can't get mad because...it's about 15!

The signs on all of our express lines say "10 items or less" and if you get into line with more than 10 items I judge you and I judge you harshly!  Seriously, if I have 11 items I wait in the normal lines because 11 is more that 10.  Trust me, I teach kindergarten, I know!

Well, on Thursday after school I made a quick stop at the grocery store.  I needed some deli meat and fresh bread to make my lunch for Friday.  Yes.....even I can make a sandwich!

I headed straight for the deli and grabbed what I needed then I took a stroll down the candy aisle where I learned that the Dove's Promises were on sale.....BOGO!!!!!  I grabbed two bags and placed them in my basket because.....chocolate and caramel.....on sale!

Then, I headed for the check out lines.  The store wasn't overly busy but all of the open lines had customers with full carts.  I walked right past them and headed for the express lines with my basket of four items.

The first express line had one lady checking out an another waiting in line behind her with a cart that was half full.  Way more than 10 items!

I kept walking toward the second and only other express line that was open.  There was a gentleman just finishing up and being handed his receipt.  Behind him was another lady with a cart that was half full!  Again, way more than 10 items!

The very worst part is that as this lady pulled her cart forward to start unloading her items, she looked right at me and my basket that only held 4 items.  I waited for her to say that I could go ahead of her, but she didn't say anything.  She just started unloading all her goodies.

I let out a very obvious sigh and stood there forming my very passive-aggressive question for the cashier.....

Ummm.....excuse me, but is there an express line open?

Before I had a chance to say anything a store manager came up from behind me.....Actually, I'm pretty sure he heard my very obvious sigh.  This guy told me I could go over to the service counter where customers aren't supposed to have more than 3 items.  I thanked him and very loudly said.....thank you, everybody has more than 10 items.  The lady in front of me just kept unloading her cart.

I headed over to the service counter where I waited behind one person.  When he was finished the guy working the counter smiled at me and asked if he could help me.  Now, I've talked to this guy before and he knows that I'm a teacher so I'm pretty sure he understood when I had a mini meltdown....

I'm sorry I have more than three items but everyone over there has more than ten and they told me I could come over here and I just want to go home take my shoes off, put on my pajamas and eat this chocolate while I wait for Orange Croc Guy to either cook or order me some dinner!

The guy laughed.....and so did a couple of other people who were standing around.

Then the guy took my basket and rang up my items.  As I was walking out with my bag of goodies I looked back at the express lines and guess what?   Those two ladies with more than 10 items were still there!

Now, I wonder, if the express line sign had said "about 10 items" if I would have been as upset......


  1. I like that word about for a "short line". I'm with you--you don't get in if you have a half a cart. There have been times we've been in a regular line because we have just a few over the limit and we get called over to the short line, but I always feel we might get "the look" because we go into it--lol! Thank you for the word art.

  2. lol hunnie. Over here our say 10 or less and if you have more and its busy they refuse to serve you when you get to the cashier! But I get just as loud when someone tries it on!
    Oh and by the way hunnie, thank you for visiting my blog to see my card made with one of your sentiments, I really appreciate it.
    One of my twins, their almost 16 now is currently taking her exam stress out on an art journal. She attacks each page with paints and pens and relishes the mess that follows lol...but, she then sits back and then comes gets my laptop, goes into my Gingers House Rocks folder and picks one of your phases that best fits the mood of her mess...oops I mean page lol
    Sandie x

  3. I feel your pain. Have you ever thought of doing stand-up comedy? I would pay to see that show.



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