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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I survived!

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OK, guys, I survived the longest and toughest school year of my entire career. 

Just to give you an idea of how bad it really was I have to share with you what my principal said on the morning announcements a couple of weeks ago.  This man went on the morning announcements for everyone to see and hear and told the kids that they do not come to school to have fun.  The one and only reason they come to school is to learn.  He then told them that if they were having fun they needed to stop and ask themselves what they were doing wrong.

Seriously folks, I can't make this stuff up!

My heart broke!

I have spent the last four days decompressing.  I've slept, watched TV, slept some more, grabbed a snack, watched more TV and gone back to bed.  That has been my routine (or lack or a routine) and it has been wonderful.


  1. People like that, seriously, shouldn't be allowed in education. How horrible. Some of the best teachers I had or have met since joining the education system have made learning the MOST FUN! I have been praying for you all year, my friend. I'm sorry you had to endure that. Hopefully next year will be better. Love ya!

  2. That sounds like he is in the wrong career! Learning should be fun! Enjoy the summer. Thank you!

  3. Merciful Heavens I hope that man isn't there next year - he shouldn't be allowed around little kids. Hope you have a very restful summer - hugs

  4. I hope everyone has banned together to get this bleepity bleep bleep man Fired!!!!! How Awful!!!!! Enjoy your summer doll!!!! Big Hugs!!!!



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