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Saturday, October 10, 2015

I need to freeze time!

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So, I found out today that I'm getting a new student on Monday.  It was recommended to me that I call the teacher from the old school.  So I did.....

I get the teacher on the phone, introduce myself, let her know that I'll be getting the student from her class and ask how she's doing.

She very excitedly said, "I'm great," before cracking up laughing. 

Everyone who has ever worked at a school knows that it is bad news for the new teacher when the old teacher is that happy! 


  1. oh yeah - I've had that laugh. The one that says I'm sooooo glad that student is not in my class. But then, you get the student and its not so bad - you connect somehow and its all good xxx

  2. Oh boy! Thank you for all the word art!

  3. Hi GInger, the best advice given to me in regards to children in my care was to just find one thing you like about them and always think of that quality... goodluck with your newbie



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