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Friday, January 22, 2016

I need your help!

Download word art here

OK guys, I need ideas.  Can you help me come up with reasons my boss should give me a day off?  So far, she is falling for punching myself in the face or my broken fingernail. 

If I start a "Give Ginger a day off" petition would you sign it?  


  1. I'll sign it! Thank you for the word art.

  2. Once when I was in school I used the excuse I got hit in the eye with a flying board. Next day when I returned, I realized I needed to have a black eye to back up my story - so, I used my purple eye shadow to color in above my eye. But first thing out of a fellow student's mouth was - "that looks like eye shadow" as she reached out to touch it. Busted!
    Long story shorter - don't use the sparkly eye shadow for a black eye.

  3. You bet I'll sign it - but just for a day off work - ya gotta still visit us here.

  4. I'll sign it Ginger! Thanks for the lovely word art-for me to lose myself is in making cards,I even forget to eat sometimes!

  5. Yes I would sign it. You need a day off to make some more Word Art for us.

  6. So true cause Its so me THANK YOU bunches :)



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