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Thursday, February 25, 2016


Download word art here

Font used:  freestyle script


  1. Hi Ginger, I have been on a blog break for sometime (ummm about 3 yrs!!) and I was so pleased to see you still going, your blog is fantastic and so entertaining. I see you were having a bit of a wobble a few days ago. Selfishly I would hate you to stop but I do hope you are happy and things are not getting to tough, you are so generous sharing your word art and I would love to borrow this one.....it sums up my grandaughter ,..except I will have to substitute "free spirit" instead of fine beer....she is only 18 months old!! I know this will make my daughter smile as she worries that Annie is so lively and inquisitive but I know she is nurturing a wonderful, unique little individual ....your word art is spot on!! Thank you.
    Take care and be happy!!!!!!



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