***If the download link isn't working, please, just right click on the word art and save it to your computer.***

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I'm feeling Princess-y again!

Download word art here

Font used:  for girls only

You guys rock!

The cold is still trying to get the best of me, but I didn't let it stop me from celebrating margarita day.  LOL!  I just hope I hear the alarm going off in the morning!

I've already got March's word art made and ready to share with you.  I just have to figure out the best place to upload it so that you will be able to download.


  1. Hi Ginger you've got me singing! 'I'll be in Scotland before ye' thanks for the laugh... Megan

  2. Ginger, I wanted to let you know I just click on the picture and it pops up in a new tab and I right click save as. No worries... I don't have to go to the download here place.
    Just thought you might want to know.
    Glad you're feeling a tad bit better.
    XO Nana



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