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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Vacation Day 62

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We made it to Memphis!  We did it in normal time and there were no tears today.

Well, there were no tears until after we got here and I started reading all your comments and emails.  You guys are the best!

Here are some photos I stopped to take before we got out of Florida.  OCG was confused and said, "Ginger, no one is abandoning you!"  I pointed out that I felt like I was the one abandoning people. started crying and once again went into the keep going or turn around debate.  He just got quiet and let me take pictures.  LOL!


  1. Glad the tears are slowing down! I hope you will like Memphis. It is a change, but change is good. Thank you for the images. Also--very nice pictures you took!

  2. Change is always difficult. Once you put that foot forward though, keep going. The past isn't where anyone should ever head. If you stumble, just pick yourself up and know it always gets better. Sending you positive thoughts and enjoy your journey forward.

  3. Good to hear you got there safely. love your photos - who would think a pile of old tyres could look so arty, despite being such a blight??



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