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Saturday, August 13, 2016

I am so sorry!

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I swear I didn't mean to disappear on you!   I've been so busy trying to get settled in and start school that I didn't even realize that I forgot to set up the daily word art to post.  I checked my personal email today....I won't tell you how many hundreds of emails there were...and saw emails from you guys that you have sent all week asking if I'm ok.

I have to tell you , that it feels amazing to know that if I ever disappear you guys won't wait long to start looking for me.  I told OCG that if anything ever happens to me, you guys will call the cops and he will be their first suspect.  LOL!

Anyway, I promise to come back soon and fill you guys in even more!

Just know that I am BIG Happy!


  1. Well, I sort of teetered between you being sick and deciding to take a vacation. Glad it wasn't the former, Or on the other hand, someone leaving your body somewhere. Yah, I watch too much crime dramas.

  2. After your move, I'm surprised you had enough energy to create new word art for us. Just so you know, we were rounding up the blood-hounds and contacting search and rescue (and the FBI about OCG).



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