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Monday, August 15, 2016

Time to tell the truth!

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OK, so I've been all sunshine and rainbows about my move to Memphis, but the truth is that not everything is going the way I had hoped it would.  There is something that I"m really unhappy about and I just have to learn to live it if  I'm going to stay here....

Comcast/Xfinity sucks!

They've got a monopoly on the building we're in so we're stuck with them and they suck!  There's just no nice way to say it! 

Oh, and I also think it's wrong that we have a generation of four year old kids that throw up a sideways peace sign and make a duck face when you tell them to smile for a picture.  I mean, I'll admit to using the sideways peace sign, but I draw the line at the duck face!



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