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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Postcards are arriving!!!!!

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Font used:  13/5 Atom San

The postcards are starting to arrive and my class couldn't be more excited!  I really wish I could bottle up their excitement and sell it.  We would all be rich!!!!!

Here's what we've gotten so far:

1 card from Jean on Arizona (No stamp was needed.  LOL!)
2 cards from Teresa in South Carolina

By the way, Jean and Teresa, my students say that you both color like the "big kids".  Trust me, that's a HUGE compliment!

1 card from Brenda in Michigan
1 card from Kat in New Hampshire

Kat, I seriously want to visit your house!  Of course, my students have no understanding of what it means to live in a house that was built over 150 years ago.  I explained it by saying, "It's really old!  Like, older than the principal!"  That got their attention!  LOL!

Please, keep the post cards coming and let me know if we can return the favor!

Ms. Brown's PreK Class
Levi Elementary School
135 W. Levi Road
Memphis, TN  38109


  1. So glad the postcards are starting to arrive! LOL--color like the "big kids"! It was so wet the day the card I colored went out I'm surprised it wassn't wrinkled. Have fun with this project! It must be exciting to see where they all come from and who doesn't like fun snail mail!! Thank you for all the word art you always share!

  2. Yeah, I totally messed up with the post card, and it came back, so the post office stuck it in an envelope. So yes, I am a dork. A Gingerdork! Let's start a club! from: Kat in New Hampshire.

  3. I'm glad you didn't have to pay the postage due, Ginger. One day when I was traveling through a preschool class, the teacher mentioned it was my birthday. She asked the class how old they thought I was, and one of the little boys said I looked really old. "How old", asked the teacher. "Thirteen was his reply. Gotta love the little ones.



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