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Monday, November 28, 2016

About that observation.....

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So, I had my observation and while I have no official word from my principal yet, I'm pretty sure I rocked it!

At one point I called on a student to answer a question I had asked and his very honest response was,

"Oh, Ms. Brown, you're the prettiest."

Now, tell me, when is that answer not correct?  LOL!

My principal started laughing and I told her to make sure she wrote that down.

Sadly, today wasn't all fun and games though.  One of the mom's in my class suffered a great loss over the Thanksgiving break.  She was scheduled for a C-section the day after Thanksgiving.  The baby was stillborn.

I don't know all the details and she certainly isn't in the mood to tell them.  I do know that at some point between Tuesday and Friday she took herself to the hospital because of a concern.  She was told to go home because she wasn't in labor.

She has a daughter in my class who is having a very hard time understanding and still think her baby sister will be coming to live with them.

Please, keep this family in your prayers!

Also, you guys know how much I love Gatlinburg and there are wild fires all over that area tonight.  I keep going to Facebook for updates on the friends we've made there and this is going to be one long horrible night for them.  People are posting videos of the fires burning by the road as they are being evacuated.   My heart is breaking!

Please keep all of them in your prayers too!


  1. I'm glad the prettiest teacher rocked her evaluation, but then, I had no doubt. Sad news is always hard to deal with. Hang in there :)

  2. Thank you for the sentiment. I'm going to use it for my future daughter-in-law who is working on final papers for school. I'm sure she can relate to this. So sorry to here about your student's loss. I can relate. Last year at this time we lost our first grandson; He lived about 4 hours after his birth. Those kind of losses are very difficult to understand. I'll certainly keep them in my prayers.



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