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Monday, July 17, 2017

The rest of the photos

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I wanted to share the rest of the photos I took the day we encountered the bear.....and the creepy tree face!

This is a fun trail that starts out following an old road bed along the river  and goes by the old Elkmont houses that the Park is now tearing down.

I hate to see the houses go and I will be forever grateful that I have pictures of them from before.  However, I do understand that they were old and getting dangerous for people like me who just couldn't help but explore them despite the no trespassing signs.

Eventually the old road curves away from the river before eventually coming back to it at a bridge that has a mini waterfall that flows under it into the river.

It isn't far from here that we took the Cucumber Gap Trail that eventually led us to the bear and creepy tree face.

Since, we had to back track, I decided to see if I could find the Troll Bridge that we had found a couple of years ago.  It was harder this time because the old houses weren't there to use as a guide.  At this point we had teamed up with another family that we met on the trail.  (They turned around when we told them about the bear!)  Together we found the bridge!  The little boy in my picture (left side, behind the bridge) was disappointed when we found the bridge and there wasn't actually a troll.  LOL!  I told him that the troll was probably off chasing the billy goats gruff, but it didn't cheer him up too much.


  1. Hi Ginger, a great sentiment and love the lush green forest and it does look like the traditional fairy tale bridges... have a wonderful week... Megan

  2. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!



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